January 2013

So, I have survived my first month as a member of Traci Reed’s Creative Team (Hawt Mama for 2013!!). It has been a crazy, busy month and I’ve enjoyed every last minutes. Looking back, I’m actually pretty amazed at the number of layouts created. What a fun, talented, group of ladies to work with and some fabulous products from a talented designer.

Nothing too exciting in January. I have still committed to Moving More and Eating Well (with Cathy Zielske). I’m a work in progress. Eating Well, sometimes, Moving More, sometimes. I didn’t log as much exercise for the month as I would’ve liked, and I’ve eaten a bit more of those foods that don’t rank high on the healthful side. But, all things in moderation. February will be another month with another shot at improving over January. I don’t think it will be too difficult to beat my eleven workouts logged for the month January. Our weather is improving (and yeah, I know I live in Arizona, what am I complaining about?) In February, I really need to get back to tracking my intake. I try not to worry too much about it when I’m making good choices for high quality foods, but I need to bring some awareness back to this.


Lisa_TRDGlitter_Firest Election.jpgLisa_TR+JB_Journey.jpgLisa_VeneeredTLP_Progress.jpgLisa_WhatAMan.jpgLisa_TRShattered_Strong in 2013.jpgLisa_TRD_TLP_favorite.jpg
Lisa_TRD_AJ XOXO_Love blooming cacti.jpgLisa_LoveMakesWorldGoRound_Imagine.jpgLisa_TRDAlpha_Hello2013.jpgLisa_ThroughMyLens_Tomotoes.jpgLisa_TRD_grown.jpgLisa_TRD_everdayscribble_things.jpg
Lisa_.TR_Favorite Momentstif.jpgLisa_TR_JB Celebrate Me.jpgLisa_TRD_Casual_YogaPants.jpgLisa_TRD_cocktail_AvenueQ.jpg

TRD CT Layouts, a set on Flickr.


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