January Simple Scrapper Blog Hop & Giveaway


Are you ready for 2013? I ‘m feeling pretty good about 2012 and looking forward to 2013, moving forward, continuing to embrace the small changes I made last year. And of course, you want to know about the giveaway, but I’m going to make you read through (or at least scroll through) this entire post before you can enter.

So, that would bring me to how I used one of January’s Story Starters to document some changes made to my diet throughout 2012.  (Images are linked to the gallery for viewing full credits.)

AASPN_ArtPlayPaletteVitality<br />AASPN_ArtPlayVitalityWordLabels<br />Font: Pea Amy rica<br />Simple Scrapper Premium Template 2012-05 single 1<br />StudioDD_ReadymadeCirclesSummerNo1-5 (recolored)<br />jbarrette-happy&healthyforlife-alpha

As I was reviewing my 2012 photos, I realized I had yet to scrap my daughter’s 20th birthday, and I really liked this January template for that (I did rotate it to work with my photo orientation).

Simple Scrapper Premium Template<br />Paislee Press-thismuch-kit<br />Meghan Mullens_NoMorePhotos_flower<br />Erica Zane-sunsavy-alpha<br />Jenn Barrette-wallflower-flower<br />onelittlebird-pedalpusher-flower<br />PaisleePress-diptych-flower<br />Traci Reed-extraextra-flower<br />Traci Reed-hellogoodbye-teenyflower<br />Traci Reed-theugly-flower<br />Zoe Pearn-liveoutloud flower<br />Ali Edwards word art<br />Font: Pea Bhea

And this last one, I created just for fun because I was so enamored with the packaging of these pistachios. Most of the time, I don’t pay a lot of attention to color selection, but for this one, I was absolutely inspired by that vibrant green.

Simple Scrapper Premium Jan2013 Single3<br />Anna Aspnes_Passionaire_HeartPink<br />Digital Design Essentials_Tiffancy&CoPaper_Pink Paper<br />ShabbyMissJennDesigns Polka Dot Heart<br />Katie Pertiet_TiedFastenersNo4<br />Studio Basic_BTTB_Alpha03 (white paper clipped to alpha)<br />Amy Stoffel-vanillaicecreambaby-solid12<br />Eva Kipler-smartaleck-pp2<br />Jenn Barrette-happy&healthyforlife-flower1<br />mommyish_fandom_fan-sticker (recolored)<br />onelittlebird-scenes-wa-lovethis (altered)<br />onelittlebird-starontop-ribbon<br />Shawna Clingerman-smartaleck-ribbonbit3<br />Zoe Pearn-liveoutloud-ep-ribbon-1<br />Zoe Pearn-thatsmygirl-ep-ep-washi-3<br />Font: DJB Smarty Pants

I found a fun green chevron paper in my stash, but the green wasn’t just right. There are lots of different techniques to tweak colors in Photoshop and some methods work better for different elements/papers. But, this is the one that I most often get the best results with and it works in Photoshop Elements as well as the full Photoshop.

Here is the before and after the adjustment.



To start, highlight the layer of the paper you want to re-color. Set your foreground color to the color you want your paper to be. I sampled my color from the vibrant green on the packaging that I wanted to “match”.

Recolor_adjustment layer0

Now click on the add adjustment layer icon (your icon may be at the top of the layers pallet depending on your version of PS/PSE).

Recolor_adjustment layer1

Choose the SOLID COLOR option from the drop down box and click OK. Stay with me and don’t freak out yet. Now you want to clip the solid color adjustment to your paper. (I like using ALT-click while hovering my mouse between the two layers.) And now one more step to see how it turned out.

Recolor_adjustment layer2

With the color fill layer selected, choose Color from the blending modes. I also adjusted the opacity on my color fill to about 49%.

So, now that I’ve shared my secret method (okay, not really secret), on to what you came here for, right? And don’t forget to check out our other team members so that you can enter more times to increase your chances of winning.

Use this link to enter a giveaway for a one month trial membership to Simple Scrapper: http://ow.ly/ctrlx.

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The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.


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