Happy New Year

Well, we’ve said good-bye to 2012 and ushered in 2013. Wow, this year has flown. How was your 2012? As I look back over 2012, I think I had a pretty good year.


I am mostly current with my scrapbooking; I do have some pages that I need to finalize from a 2010 visit to Colorado to say our final good-byes to my Mother-in Law, but I’m procrastinating because it isn’t a “fun” event.

I retired my role from Jessica Sprague’s creative team at the end of March after two wonderful years. I picked-up a spot on the Simple Scrapper team in July and am really loving it. And in December, I applied for a spot on Traci Reed’s creative team and am a HAWT Mama for 2013. Can you say excited? So far, January has been crazy, but I’ve loved it.

Health/Exercise/Weight Loss

Overall, 2012 saw a net loss of about 14 pounds for me. I spend the year trying to focus on eating a lot less “processed” foods and to make exercise a priority. I feel as though I had some success and want to continue and make some additional tweaks through 2013. I’d love to drop another 10 pounds. We tried new foods, spent about month avoiding meat, and I learned to love avocado, I tried and loved yoga, and I was able to add a little jogging into my walks to finally break a 15 minute mile. I really want to document this journey a bit more regularly this year.


I still miss my daughter a bunch when she is away at school, but over the last year I think I have come to a better place of acceptance. She is a wonderful person, with a great head on her shoulders and I guess I get to take credit for doing a good job of raising her. I’m not always managing work stress well, but I’ll keep some focus on that for 2013.

I guess that brings me to this: 2012 was a good year. For the first time, I’ve chosen One Little Word for the year. My word for 2013 will be BALANCE. In 2013, I’d like to work on making balanced food choices “normal”, my work and home life balance and improving my physical balance (it’s not what it used to be and needs some improvement).I have never done a Project Life, but I am really considering using a Project Life approach to capture my progress on my healthy life-style journey and how things balance in 2013.


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