I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of “history” that has been given to me. I’ve got old boxes of photos of people that I don’t know but am presumably related to. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get through them all and figure out just how to separate them and organize them. I have culled through a few and scanned them for fun when I recognize the family members. And we also have a bunch of these:


I wonder if some of you even know what these are. But somewhere in these boxes of old slides, I found a couple of jewels. I scanned them and tweaked them a bit in Lightroom and made a quick layout. I just used some basic papers, nothing really vintagy, nothing fancy, and only shopped my stash. I did add some worn overlays from Lynn Grieveson. I just love her worn edge and page overlays.

Leora Sanford Promise of Tomorrow papers;<br /><br />LGrieveson worn edges<br /><br />KPertiet 2010Postmarks<br /><br />Kpertiet AroundWords<br /><br />AAspnes ArtPlayPalette6

Credits: Leora Sanford Promise of Tomorrow papers; LGrieveson worn edges; KPertiet 2010Postmarks, AroundWords; AAspnes ArtPlayPalette6 brush


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