Well, in an effort to provide a few more regular updates, I guess I’m due to check-in on the exercise and diet front. As you might recall, I kicked off 2012 with a somewhat enthusiastic attitude toward making this my year to get things back under control. I signed up for Cathy Zielske’s More More Eat Well class and dove right in. That lasted until sometime in February. January saw some slow progress, and something threw me off-base again in mid to late February. I tried to re-focus and re-group, but I regained everything I had lost in the first weeks of this year and then some (I think). By early May, I’m pretty sure I reached a number that I never want to see (and I stuck my head in the sand and refused to weigh).

As much as I hated it, I did not let that hinder a must needed getaway to Pacific Beach. It was wonderful to be by the ocean for a few days, and it definitely allowed me to consider that I was due for some change.

Now, more than half-way through the year, it seems I definitely have a renewed focus. I rejoined Weight Watchers on-line program at the beginning of June. While the weight loss has been slow, it has been steady — I’m at an 8 pound loss after 6 weeks. Another thing that has really helped keep things on track over the last three weeks, is my hubby’s focus on better eating as well (doctor ordered, but I’ll take it). I won’t say they we have eliminated all meat from our diet, but we are working hard to make better choices and increase our diet to include more “plant food”.
Our doctor recommended this video (available on Netflix):  Forks Over Knives. Although, due to some internet issues we were unable to watch in its entirety, there is some very interesting research to support moving to an entirely plant food based diet. I encourage you to give it a look. I don’t know if we’ll get to that point, but we will drive that percentage of our food intake higher.

I can say, that since I’ve been really focused on my eating habits for the last month, I do feel much better. I feel less bloated, more energetic, and dare I say happy. I even switched myself to the WW Simply Filling plan for a bit instead of the point tracking plan; really trying to focus on eating more healthy foods. Not putting anything off limits at this time, but I find I want it less. Exercise is still working its way into a regular pattern. I do manage to fit in somewhere between two and four workouts each week (Some weeks are zero, and some weeks are six). Striving to make it more consistent. I seem to go for about a month and then need a little break. I think I tend to go a little all out and then get burned out too quickly. Moderation. I guess that would have to be my word for 2012. I don’t think I’ve ever picked a word before, but yes, this fits.


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