Red Shoes

It’s July and it is HOT in Arizona. Although, we did get a very slight break on the 4th with some rain and cooler temperatures.This was a slow week for work, which was nice as things have been hectic this year, and I anticipate the pace is going to pick up again next week.

You might notice that I’ve updated things a bit since you last visited. Isn’t that just the greatest photo in my header? Yes, I like cats. Let me know what you think of my updated blog. I’m working on getting posts better categorized this year, so a bit of a work in progress. I also am still researching some of the easiest ways to upload and link images. I’m trying out LiveWriter which is working really nice, it certainly uploads the images directly from my computer and sizes, places them with ease. Formatting is so easy. I guess I just worry about having to upload the same image to so many different places. So far, it doesn’t appear that linking to Flickr, while possible, is not as easy as just dragging and dropping from my computer file system.

Here is my first “official” assignment for my new team gig with Simple Scrapper. Be sure and check out the challenge hosted by Persnickety Prints to create a layout using a Red/White/Blue themed kit for a non-July 4th layout. Here is my take using the Tri-color kit from In the Making Design (retired). The base design is from a Simple Scrapper Premium Membership template.

Simple Scrapper Premium Templates<br /><br />ITM_Tricolor kit<br /><br />Flowers: AASPN_ArtPlayPaletteEveryday, AASPN_ArtPlayPaletteGenuine, AASPN_ArtPlaySantaNicholasAddOn<br /><br />AASPN_StitchedByAnnaFrames1<br /><br />KPertiet_SignMakerAlpha_Red<br /><br />KPertiet LooselyLabeledDatesNo3<br /><br />LG_WornPageedge4<br /><br />Font: DJB Smarty Pants<br /><br />

Click here to see full credits.


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