Long Overdue

My blog has been sitting unattended for a while. I’ve updated the theme and created a new a new header. It was quite overdue. We’ll try this on for a while and see how it works out.

So, life goes on. I retired from my JessicaSprague Creative Team position in March. I had a bit of a break and starting in July, I am proud to have been selected as part of the design team over at SimpleScrapper.com. I am looking forward to this branching out a bit.

Dredging up a couple of old paper layouts, truly these were created before I really knew anything about what I was doing in Photoshop Elements. These layouts utilized all the paper bits my daughter and I collected in our whirlwind tour of Europe back in 2008. I scanned all the bits. To create the backgrounds for the overview pages of my Europe 2008 album, I pulled in various bits, moved them arrange, adjusted their opacity and saved it. I created two separate pages (and I’m truly not sure I used all the bits.) I printed these collages out on a nice scruffy Basic Grey paper that coordinated with the rest of the kit I was using for this album. So, what was in my stash of “bits”? Ticket stubs for train, boat, museums, subways, etc.; postcards; maps; packaging. I even included a scan of a passport. I ended up bordering this page with snippets of sign snapshots taken throughout our whole trip.

Here is my two page overview spread for my Europe album. I’m glad I have this as I’m not sure I’ll ever get the opportunity to return, but I sure hope to.



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