Another Month Gone . . .

I cannot believe it has been a whole month since I posted. But, I will say it has been busy with Art of Digital Design 2. I don’t know where I’ll ever go with that information, but it has been fun and a nice challenge. Keep on this post to the end and you can see my Mega Collection Preview. If I can figure out sharing, I will do that after I get my critique and see about any modifications to it. It will be sometime after Spraguefest. Speaking of which, are you going? are you ready? It is this coming Friday.

I saved all my layouts for the last few days of the month. I’ll start with this somewhat artistic piece of an Eiffel Tower shot taken when my daughter and I splurged on a tour of Europe back in 2008. I’m considering a large print for framing. I’m using three papers from Jodie Lee’s French Summer Papers which will be released on Monday. They can be a lot of fun to play with. Click on the image to take you to the gallery where I’ve left some notes on what papers I used and how I layered and blended to achieve this look

Eiffel Tower

And now for a couple using Crystal’s fun Quick Page/Templates

Mr. Toad
Spice Rack

And here is my tribute to the new Fall TV season:

Fall TV 2011


And, let me not forget to show you my collection created with the guidance of Carina Gardner for the Art of Digital Design 2 class.


Sonora Collection Mega Preview

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