Speed Scrap Fun

So, you’ve been popping in to check out the Speed Scraps which are hosted each weekend through the JessicaSprague.com birthday month? Well, I hosted one and participated in a couple of others. I have to say, sometimes it is nice to have some “boundaries” for limiting the search for “the perfect paper (element)”. And then the added bonus of “time’s up”; you gotta call it done, you don’t get to keep on tweaking. So, here are two of the speed scrap layouts I’ll share here with you today:

From my speed scrap:

Smoothie King, Speed Scrap

And, from Rachael’s speed scrap yesterday. I was really shocked at overall how please I was with this at the end of the hour:

Flowers Speed Scrap

So, if you’ve missed out, don’t forget there will be the final two coming up on Friday and Saturday. Be sure to check the schedule, I’ve got it posted at the top right of the blog.

Don’t forget, the sale is still on too. What’s a birthday celebration without a sale?


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