Today is the day . . .

I realized over this past holiday weekend that I have no real motivation to tackle any of our home projects. I feel sluggish and heavy. I’m also afraid to see the number on the scale. I know it isn’t a lot more than at the beginning of the year, but I think it’s a number I really don’t want to see. My weight gain and lack of consistent exercise is contributing to my lack of motivation. So, today is the day . . .

I will commit to eating more of healthy, less-processed foods and fewer of those not-so-healthy ones. That doesn’t mean that I won’t touch some of my favorite foods: pizza, potato chips, mac ‘n cheese, soda, only that I will endeavor to strike a better balance. Coupled with this renewed focus on “better” food choices, I will be heading to the gym to re-focus my exercise efforts to include more weight training and keep up with regular cardio activity. Past experience tells me that keeping up with exercise just naturally encourages me to keep up with the balance on food.

Move It, Lose It.


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