Old and New

Well, here we are in May, in fact tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I hope that all you mothers out there have a fabulous day. No big plans here, but this will be the last weekend until fall that we make a trip to shuttle DD back to her dorm. Finals are next week and she’ll be home for the summer.

Not an exciting week, but I did make this wonderful Orange Peel Chicken for dinner tonight (per request). Isn’t Google wonderful? Flavors were really good, chicken wasn’t quite crispy; but overall, I guess I’d repeat it. The kitchen was a bit of a mess after since my timeline got moved up by about 45 minutes.

Did you pick-up some fabulous new scrapbooking supplies yet this weekend? There are certainly plenty of sales out there, of course, including JessicaSprague.com.

For consideration are some fun goodies from Kitschy Digitals. You can see how I’ve used some of her goodies here in an old, unretouched photo of Mom from when she was a young girl.

Mom as a Little Girl

And I’ve always loved this clothesline bit and finally came up with some fun photos to display:

Easter Treats

This should give you a little something until my next post. Already spinning the wheels for a layout; let’s just see if it comes together the way I envision . . .


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