April, did you see it?

Amazing to me how quickly the months are ticking by.  April was not really an eventful month, just pretty normal, everyday stuff. We certainly have had some beautiful weather here in Arizona. We’ve got lots of green, copious amounts of fuzzy blooms, wind, sneezing, visits home from DD and a few Easter treats.

Work continues to be a bit stressful, and as we close out April we are close to having an agreed decision on a path forward to close up this project that has been killing me this year. That will certainly ease some of the immediate work stress. I have not been doing well at keeping up with my exercise — and as I think back, I do miss it. When exercise was more regular, it was helping to keep the stress at bay. I guess that means I better do something about it. Yes, it is under my control. No, I might not get home as early as I’d like it I take the time for my workout, but it is probably a wise trade.

Not to mention finding out that a good friend recently had a stroke. Fortunately, it appears that her recovery will be good with some therapy. However, she is not much older than I and it really sent us a scare. Love and prayers to her and her family.

So, given all the events and non-events, I have come to the decision to stay on the fabulous JS Creative Team. The fact is I love it and even though work has made things difficult in the last few months, I know that it will not last forever and I will totally hate myself if I give up this CT gig. So, I’ll be posting layouts using some fabulous things from Jessica’s Design Team again this year. I’m also still really wanting to give my blog a bit of a makeover, but so far really haven’t got beyond just looking over the available templates. I’ve sketched out a possible new graphic for the header, but not even close to opening up Photoshop (or Illustrator?)  to bring idea closer to reality.

So, speaking of JS Design Team, be sure to check out this fabulous offer coming next month . . . Mondays in May. Check it out here. You can use this sale to stock up on your favorites. By one item from a designer and get another item from that same designer for free. How cool is that?

So, how about a couple of layouts for some ideas . . . here you go. Be sure to click on the thumbnail to go to the gallery to see the linked product credits.

A little spring cheer from Arizona

Spring, Arizona style

And a little week in the life view from March

One Week in March

Well, I guess that about wraps up this post.


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