Blogs are so unfriendly!!

Or, maybe it is just HTML — this was more work than I anticipated to get these all entered. Shutterfly share site was not cooperating and I can’t figure out at all how to get the pictures to line up on the same line. Oh well, I give up.

Wow! March has come and gone. It has been very busy. Let’s see: Work has not stopped being crazy; I had a long scrapbooking weekend in Flagstaff at the start of the month; I enjoyed a full week off while my sister-in-law visited for a few days overlapping with my daughter’s spring break from college; Oh, and let’s not forget my DD’s 19th birthday fit in there too; and a delivery back down to college.

We had some fun times. We took my SIL to the Desert Botanical Gardens here. It was just a tad warm, but we had a nice stroll through our desert habitat. Afterward, we decided we were close enough to Tempe to grab some food at the Blue Adobe Grill. Let me just say, the food is wonderful. If you happen to find yourself in Tempe, Arizona you should definitely give them a try. They have some of the best New Mexican cuisine I have ever eaten. Throw some shopping, baking, and lots more food in there, some digi scrapbooking and you pretty much fill in the week.

I’m also working on getting more familiar with my second hand dSLR camera. Check out the layout of my kitty (getting his picture taken lots more these days with DD away). Some of my best work yet. Starting to get the hang of setting up for correct exposure and looking for the red focus dots.

All this while trying (and failing) to stay on top of Jessica’s Digi in Deeper class. Wonderful class, but I’ve still got 4 of the 12 layouts to do.

I also finished this album of our trip with my SIL and DD in October up to Oak Creek Canyon. I just loved using Nisa’s (Splendid Fiins) classic album templates for this. It was soooo easy to pull it together.

So, are you ready?

And how about some desert garden shots:














And a jewel from Digi in Deeper (whimsical style):

Digi in Deeper Layout 10

And then, of course, my new camera work; I swear if cats could roll their eyes like teenagers, this would be it!



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