February is Gone!

I guess spring is on it’s way; although, I think here in Arizona things have been a bit bipolar lately with switching around between gorgeous and rainy cold. But there are some fun new things coming to the JessicaSprague store on Monday. As always with new things; here is just a small preview of what you’ll find.

I just adored the innocent happiness expressed by my little grand niece. I used one of the templates from Nisa’s Classic 12 x 12 album series as the base for these adorable shots. I added a classic neutral from Carina. Popped a bit of color behind the photos with this darling mask (filled with pink). I just love these new spring tapes and twills from Nisa and there’s some really cute border bits as well. You really must check those out. Click on the image and you can get links to all the products. It’s really quite simple starting from a template and just adding a touch of embellishment! Go give it a try.

Happiness is

I suppose you’d say that DiDer is half over at this point. I have barely managed to keep up with the pace. I’ve worked through all the lessons; but find myself still tweaking Lesson 6 to make it fit me. It has been fabulous. This is really a fantastic class for stretching your PS skills.


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