Yes I’m Alive

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. Work has been extremely busy. You might know how it goes. It is the tail end of a project, issues keep cropping up and you’ve got to figure out how to pull it all together and just get it done.

I’ve gotten a few Layouts done, but just haven’t gotten around to getting things posted. I was also a little under the weather this past week or so, but today I feel much better. Maybe I really just needed that hug from my daughter yesterday :). I drove down to meet her and go look at potential apartments for her next year in college.

Well, being under the weather means I’m behind on the marvelous Digi in Deeper that is in progress over at Jessica Sprague right now.

Here’s a little hybrid (yes, I made a card!) I haven’t touched paper in over two years since finding such wonderful on-line resources in the digi scrap community. I used Nisa’s (Splendid Fiins) really cute  Love yooo frames. It was pretty easy. Because the frame is mostly white, I added a layer above the photo layer and added a red stroke to help me cut it out.

Love You

The other layout I’ve got ready to share is capturing some rather poor photos from our Wii, which was a present for the whole family. I’ve definitely got a lot of practice ahead of me. So, I went back to the Now We’re Rockin class to revisit the multi-photo circle concept. It really lends itself to “imperfect” photos. I really love that text path for the title too! I used some of the lovely papers and elements from Linda (In the Making Designs) using her Modernist papers and some goodies from the Moments element pack to make the little button.

Wii Fun


I should have some more goodies to share from the DIDer class, lots of catching up to do. So, happy Sunday and hope you have a great week and are able to join me in class.


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