How’s Twenty-11 So Far?

The Holidays are over and it’s been back to work for me. Next week my daughter will head back to college and things will be back to our “new normal”. I don’t think I’ve fully adjusted yet to her being away from home, and having her back for four weeks just makes it that much harder. But, we move forward and are happy for the new experiences she will have.

I never did post about having my work laptop stolen right before the Holiday shutdown. I’ve finally gotten a replacement. It is odd not to have access to any of my old data. Getting it set-up “properly” takes a little time, but there was no old data to copy over :).

I’m getting used to my new smartphone (a low end model), but still learning what it can do for me. I’m sure this will be something I continue to explore throughout this year.

Those are my random thoughts so far; I haven’t spent much time thinking about what I might want to achieve in 2011; perhaps will spend more time once DD is back to her dorm.

For now, here’s a fun layout for you to enjoy. I’ve used a photo template from Carina Gardner’s Design 365 series that is making it’s way to the store. This isn’t a Design 365 layout, but the photo LO was just perfect for my needs (or is that purrfect?). I’m still not sure if 365 is right for me. It would be good since I have gotten a second hand DSLR to learn, but somehow it really sounds daunting, and of course, I’m already behind.

the Art of Napping

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