Internet is back up!! Woohoo!!

Do you ever wonder just how dependent you are on the Internet? Well, let me tell you being without for a few days was pretty tough. I had noticed that service had deteriorated a bit over the last weeks (months?); and, finally our modem/router just went into a continuous reset loop. New modem/router delivered, a little frustration with set-up and now we’re back in business. And now I know for sure that the old one must have been experiencing some issues because our speed is back up to where it was. Woohoo!

So, I spent last weekend with my scrapbooking pals, a little scrapbooking, fun conversation, some food, a little wine, and some knitting (not me, but them). All in all we had a fun time and I did manage to get two layouts completed. Now that our Internet is up, I can share them with you.

This first one has a shot of my daughter at Oak Creek “fishing” back in 2001 and a photo of her doing the same on our latest hike to the same location in October. It is fun to do these kinds of layouts. Just a really simple one here, no real special techniques. I did use blending modes on the brush elements.

time flies

This second layout is just a simple cluster of photos/patterned papers with a few shots from our Thanksgiving this year.

Thanksgiving 2010

Both layouts are featuring designs from the Queen of Quirk, available at As ususal, clicking on the layouts will take you to the gallery for a full supply list.


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