Photoshop fun with styles and blending

I thought I’d share some of the techniques I used on this fabulous vintage  layout I created.
the Chair
First and foremost, I probably need to credit Liv’s wonderful journaling tips from the Type+Writer classes for the insight into capturing today’s perspective on an old memory. I’d be hard pressed to tie this to a particular lesson in a particular class. But there are two and I hope they will be offered again in the near future as I think everybody can benefit from a little push into digging into the journaling.
From the time I stumbled across this set of photos in my departed mother’s dilapitated cardboard box of unorganized photos dating back into the 30’s and through the 80’s, it bothered me that there was no photo of my dad actually performing this daring feet that I seem to recall so vividly. However, when looking through the negatives and scanning them (inspired by the This Old Photo class), I discovered “the chair” in the background. Ok, so here is proof that I didn’t just imagine it.
Beyond the backstory, let’s talk about a couple of specifics of this layout in photoshop. I always knew this layout was about the chair, so I wanted a standout title. How to go about it? Well, what styles does photoshop offer me? How about something a little glassy, or maybe like epoxy? I selected a nice bold font (you probably have this one if you’ve taken a few of Jessica’s classes) like Accord SF Bold. I typed in my text. I pulled open the style window and went for the glassy ones. I picked the blue glass. This provided a good starting point for me to tweak. So, I began exploring the settings for this style. (Sorry, but you PSE users don’t get all the flexibility here, the style is there, but I could not see how to play with the color options.)
The options I played with:  bevel size, inner glow, and color overlay. For this look, I picked the inner glow style first. I selected the foreground color to be a darker blue/green. In the inner glow dialogue box, select the radio button by the gradient option, select the gradient to be foreground color to transparent, click ok. It might look kind of weird at this point, but we’ve got another color to pick. For the color overlay, I chose a lighter shade of the blue/green color as my foreground color. Back to the color overlay style, and select the new foreground color as your color. You can play with these until you get something you are happy with. I also decreased the bevel size a bit to get a little more rounded look.
I love Liv’s new tapes too, but I wanted the papers to show through just a bit more. I achieved this look by duplicating each tape two times (total of three layers). For the bottom tape layer I set the blend mode to linear burn, the middle layer is set to color burn, and the top is a screen. I know, it is a subtle difference, but I just really felt like playing.
What else did I blend? I duplicated the flower layer and applied the multiply blend mode to the top flower layer and then reduced the opacity. It just darkened up a tad. That was it on this layout. No blending of papers, or photos into papers, or masks, or layer masks on this one. Of course, you can’t always afford to spend time playing, but once in a while it is really fun to experiment with what photoshop can do.
And if you need something else to play with, check out this tutorial by Peppermint Granberg (aka One Little Bird) on mind blowing shadows. You may have heard about it a couple of weeks back on the Paperclipping Digi Show.
I think the layouts coming this weekend will be a little more simple, but stay tuned; you never know (but I do have to do some house cleaning this weekend).
Oh, and if you like to know more about how I achieve certain looks, please let me know that you like reading this, or leave a comment here or in the gallery and I’ll be happy to share.

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