More Stuff

Well, as more designers have come to adorn the virtual shelves of, more CT members are being recruited. It has been fun to have that behind the scenes look, so check out this announcement:

You can click on the image to go view the rules.

Well, if you’ve read any of my past posts, you might recall that I was taking the Art of Digital Design class from Jessica. You might also remember that I had passed the written exam and was awaiting feedback of my mini kit from Carina Gardner. Woohoo!! I received my feedback this week and was really inspired to keep working at it a bit. (Well, maybe not this week without my photoshop computer). I don’t expect to be starting up a store anywhere anytime soon, but I love that the review of my stuff was so positive. When I get computer back up and loaded, I’ll post the mini-kit here as a freebie.

Lots of new goodies showing up in the store. The Queen of Quirk has got a gorgeous new kit; here is what I created using it:

that smile; click for credits

There’s are some fun new classes coming, too. Don’t forget to check them out. Until a bit later in the week, and maybe not until next week sometime, depending on how it goes with my computer. Have fun and happy scrapping. (Do some for me, will ya?)


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