PC Scare

So, you’ve all heard it before. Back-up, back-up, back-up. This past weekend, I got my scare; and so I did my back-up. I really have no idea what happened. My symptoms were that Picasa (the program I use to organize my digi stash) get freezing up. When it happened, I couldn’t do anything; couldn’t close the program, couldn’t brink up task manager, couldn’t select shut down or restart. The only way was to press and hold the power button to shutdown everything. Upon further trials, lots of painful shutdowns, it seemed to be occurring only when I was browsing in Picasa. And I noticed that Picasa was giving me a couple of error notices on start-up about some files having problems. I tried uninstalling and re-installing Picasa, but that had no effect.

I bit the bullet and hooked up my fairly new 1 TB external hard drive that I purchased a few weeks ago to serve this very purpose. I just hadn’t found that Roundtuit yet. Well, Sunday was the day. I think it took about 7 hours to get everything backed up. And guess what, during the backup process, it failed too. I think what happened is something in my large digi stash became corrupted. I don’t know how, but that single (or maybe it was more than one) really made my computer unhappy when it tried to read it. File deleted, everything else backed-up and PC seems happy again.

I’ve learned my lesson, when will you get around to your back-up?

I did manage to get this layout done, largely without the benefit of my organized stash, but this just captures a bit of history that we came across in Pike National Forest. It certainly makes me wonder who used this place and for what purpose. Did they live here year round? Was it a summer cabin? What did they eat? I’m saving the outhouse picture for another LO, but it was there too.

Old Shack; click on image for credits

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