Late with this one

Early this week was gloomy for me, so I didn’t post. My mood improved as the week went on. So, here is the layout I generated last weekend, and yes, it is a bit symbolic.

Empty Nest; click on image to view credits

So, on with life. I have to say, this week was a bit better with keeping control over my diet. And mind you, by diet I mean how I eat. I don’t go in for punishment anymore. Been there, done that. Although, moderation and balance is definitely key to success. A bit of exercise helps too. My jeans fit again, woo hoo!! I have few pounds yet to get back to my Weight Watchers goal weight, but just a few pounds really makes a big difference in how things fit.

DD was home this weekend, or I guess she was here. LOL. She breezed in and out, just like before she went off to college. It was good to see you even though her time at the house was brief.

New goodies coming to JS; I’ll post my creation tomorrow. Of course, you’ll be able to see all the new goodies in the shop and well as what the awesome CT has done with them.

Until then, good night and have a happy day!


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