Gosh, it has sure been a busy couple of weeks. The inevitable has happened; I have moved my fabulous daughter away from home and into a college dorm. And, yes, I survived the experience. She has been away for a full week now. Thank goodness for texting, e-mail, instant messaging, and cell phones. I’m glad she isn’t that far away and I cannot even imagine moving her across the country. I’ll be even more happy to see her Friday for the long weekend.

On the Art of Digital Design front, I’m happy to report that I have finished up a digital kit, packaged up my mini-kit and sent if off to be reviewed by the fabulous Carina Gardner. Maybe I’ll post it here at another time; I’m a bit curious to get the feedback, but don’t expect it for several weeks.

Speaking of classes, the intermediate digi scrappin class started today. This is the one I started with and got me totally addicted to digital scrapbooking. So, if you are interested, and maybe you’ve played with Photoshop/Photoshop Elements a little and are wondering how you can use it for scrapbooking, check out Now We’re Rockin’ in Photoshop.

Well, about two weeks ago, I reported that I started getting back together with cardio. Yes, I’ve kept at it and last week even went back to the Weight Watchers program. I hate to do it, but I think weighing in was the slap I needed to get things back in balance. Sure, it’s been a rough year with a family illness which resulted in a somewhat quick demise. But, that is over and now I have the time to keep a better balance between meals and exercise, play and work. I’m not sure that I’ll take up running like the wonderfully funny and motivating Cathy Zielske did, nor am I sure I’m willing to expose my weight and measurements the way she did. She’s quite an inspiration, especially to the over 40 crowd. If you’ve never read her blog, please check it out, you’ll find a link over on the right. Also, if you’re interested in reading her journey to better health this year, check out her fitness tales.

That’s a bit of what my life has been up to over the last week (or even two). You’ve probably notice some new designers popping in over at JessicaSprague and you’ll even notice a new link for printing services. There’s a coupon for 25% off and you can get a free print. So, for some fabulous new goodies here is a little eye candy for you.

Isn’t she adorable? I guess she would be my grand-niece. Makes me sound old, doesn’t it? Oh, well, I’m still feeling pretty good at 48.

Click to see full credits in the gallery

And then here is some more goodness using some fun supplies from Nisa and don’t you just love these colorful new tapes?

Click image for full credits in the gallery

They are really some fabulous kids; hardworking, smart, and they look out for each other too.


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