Another Monday and More Goodies in the Shop

The time is flying and I realize that I’m down to two weeks left before we move my daughter into her dorm. And I realized that I did a stupid thing and neglected to make room reservations a month ago when I was thinking of it. Fortunately, found a room, but who knows what it will be like and it is a bit pricier than I would have liked. Oh well, lesson learned.

So, I spent some time over the weekend going through the Art of Digital Design class again with a renewed focus for a theme and again realizing that I’m running short on time. Although I watched all the videos already, this time I’m actually working on some creations. Need to get through that and take the exam and concentrate on finishing up the kit.

My original thought was more of a desert theme, but as the timing is drawing closer for my daughter leaving, I really went back to this favorite photo for some inspiration. Yes, I know it’s a bit out of focus. It was taken when my baby was just a year old when we went to Florida to move my Mom out of our family home.

Well, so now how about some new stuff. Don’t forget that the next Pen Tablet Class is open for registration. Also, the registration is opened for the new version of Now We’re Rockin with Photoshop. This was the first class I ever took at, so I guess it will always hold a special place in my heart since it is responsible for getting me hooked on digi.

And now, for my contribution to this week’s new goodies. Here I’ve used a new template from the Queen of Quirk. I didn’t change this one up at all, just added in papers from the Sitting Pretty Kit. Easy, it came together pretty quickly and really is a tribute to my recent Mother-in-Law’s passing.

I suppose I’ve prattled on enough for this Monday.


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