Happy, Awesome & Fun

Yippee!! My AC unit is back up and running. That is a relief. I was worried that we’d have to replace the whole unit, not that I wouldn’t love something more efficient, but really not a good time for that expense. So, a little happy dance here.

You want some more really awesome news? How about this? Jessica Sprague is one of 9 nominees for the Most Influential Scrapbooker Award. Be sure to check it out over on Ella Publishing.

And, can you take another wonderful tidbit? So, you missed it the first time around and here it is again. If you’ve got a pen tablet laying around and are wondering what to do with it, or what it can do for you, you are going to love this. Thinking about getting a tablet, but a little apprehensive (this was me), this is for you. So, once again, the Pen Tablet Basics for Scrapbookers class is open for registration. Class runs from August 9th through September 5h.

Click on the image to get more details

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