Glimpses of the Past

Okay, today’s post will have a snapshot from my past. Are you ready, this is me as a teenager.

Young and Carefree

I pay for this today with all the sun damage spots and wrinkles (especially on my chest). Honestly, those were some great days and the Florida beach is definitely one of those things I miss most living in Arizona. These photos were badly faded. I was very happy that they restored so nicely using the techniques from Jessica Sprague’s This Old Photo class.

So, a few notes on how this layout was created. It started from this template by the Queen of Quirk.

Scrap Canvas Off Kilter

I simply rotated the canvas 90 degrees CW. Of course, now my text was rotated too, so I selected my text layer and “righted” it. I moved the dot up and then then relocated and resized my text block to be in the lower right quadrant. I then moved the paper strip so that it was sort of in the original location. I always had in my mind to use these Kamari Beach papers for these photos and I just knew I wanted these wavy borders on one side. I created those using the pen tool in PS. (Perhaps I can write up some instruction on how to do this later in the week, let me know if you’re interested.) I added my photos, clipped in my papers, added the flower and glitter spills, and lastly copied in my journaling. Easy, peasy, right? Well, it really is, but of course it took me much longer to actually get it to this point.

So, how about an easy challenge; pick a template as a starting point and make it work with your photos. Rotate it, flip it, add a photo, delete a photo — be sure to post in the JS general scrapbook gallery and I’d love if you’d leave a link here so I can see what you did with your template.


One thought on “Glimpses of the Past”

  1. I already left you a comment at JS -LOVE this layout. Just stopping in to send {{big hugs}}}. Sending my condolences. Tough on your daughter as she starts her new journey knowing someone near and dear ended theirs. Thinking of your family now.

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