Introducing Mosby

A slight delay in getting this posted. An impromptu visit to the university for DD to meet with an advisor. Although I’m not sure she really knows what she wants to do, she has come to realize that she is passionate about theater, that is, all the backstage details. Unfortunately, one advisor gave her some bad information telling her she couldn’t take any of the classes for theater design unless she was declared as a Fine Arts major. Turns out, that’s not quite true, so now to figure out how to enroll in a class that seems full.

We drove a little over two hours for what was about a 20 minute chat with an advisor. I guess it was worth it since he seemed to pick up on her passion and is looking forward to having her be part of the program. Of course, this is quite a different path from engineering, but I can tell that engineering is not her passion. I guess she gets to stay undecided for just a bit longer.

If another advisor is able to add her to the full class, this will be a very busy semester. In high school, they did one production each semester which ran only two weeks. At the university, they will do three which will run for three weeks each. Although, she is only required to “work” one show; it will be a challenge to keep up with school work during the crunch time. But, at least she is used to balancing that.

Ok, so am I sounding like a proud mama? Well, I should because I am. So, as promised in my last post, a new layout featuring “Mosby”. Hubby returned from Colorado last week with Mosby (as I’m told this beast has been named). You got a preview already, but here is the layout. Since Mosby’s arrival, he has been insured, sniffed, and registered. He has also had some carpet cleaner action on his seats and floor mats. Still to come, a windshield. Not sure what they do to them in Colorado, but this one is a mess — especially driving into the sun.


Don’t you just love this stuff from Splendid Fiins?! You can click on the image to go to the gallery where all items are linked up to the store.


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