Another Monday, so be sure and drop by Jessica Sprague to see the new goodies released this week.

I’ve been playing with the techniques shared in the This Old Photo restoration class. I have this very unorganized box of old pics from my Mom. I need to get them sorted, but have just been flipping through them and scanning some at random. Here is a layout showing the damage done to the car in 1958. According to the note on the back of the photo, the cow hit the car . . . really? Anyway the handwriting was my Mom’s and it is my Dad in the photo with the car. I used this wonderfully textured paper from Linda Roos for the background. Have a look and be on the lookout for This Old Photo to come back. If you got some old jewels, this class can really help in brining back some detail

Click the image for full credits

The other thing to watch for is the PhotoShop Friday tutorials. They get released on Wednesday’s for a buck. Here’s a layout showing my closet gremlins using PSF03 which has a cool template and covers how to create this awesome. Stay tuned this summer to see how my closet ends up. It won’t be getting any sort of expensive closet organizer, but I sure hope it improves.

Click the image for full credits

Graduation is Thursday, I guess I’m as ready as I’m going to get. Have a good week!


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