The Class of 2010

I realize that this is the end of a phase in our lives; but, perhaps I should start looking at this as the beginning. So, I’ve mentioned my daughter is graduating from high school. That time is here. Friday was her last day at school; Monday is Senior checkout. She is done. I am so very proud, but yet a little sad that this phase of our lives has ended. I know that she will do great moving forward; I just will miss these days.

Tonight was definitely a reminder that this is here. She has been a very active member of her high school’s Thespian club. Tonight was the year end ceremony. Lot’s of rewards and recognition of some very hard working youngsters. And a few tears from students, parents and staff recognizing that the seniors will be leaving.

My daughter was the Historian this year and had the distinct pleasure of putting together the slide show summarizing the year’s activities. She did a great job of pulling all those photos together. There was a little trouble with her aging computer, but my younger laptop pulled things together and all was well. I can’t help but applaud all these young people with all the hard work and dedication that they put into the shows each year.They had a lot of fun activities mixed in with the work. I feel so fortunate that my daughter had the opportunity to be involved with this group and became so dedicated. It really allowed her sense of responsibility to grow and shine. I’m even more impressed as I realize that these kids that are putting in so many hours in this extracurricular activity are the ones that are also taking the hard classes and maintaining honor roll status.

Hat’s off to the class of 2010 and best of luck in your future!


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