A Pet Peeve and a Little Something Sweet

Okay, I’ll share just a little pet peeve of mine here since it is fresh from my drive home tonight. You know how some things just tend to bug you? Well, something that just really bothers me is people who are turning right and stop at a green light before completing their turn. I know that sometimes they think they are being “nice” by allowing someone to turn in front of them, but really, it just confuses people. Most times, it is really better if they just move on and get out of the way.

So, now that that’s said. Did you enjoy your Mother’s Day? Mine was pretty quiet and sedate. I did receive some lovely flowers. My wonderful daughter had to work part of the day, but she did hand make a really sweet card. Here, I’ll share her sentiment, it is really very special.

Thank you for an amazing 18 years of endless love and support. I’m not sure how I would have gotten where I am now without you. I LOVE YOU!

Pretty special kid, huh? I love her too.

And here is a layout I created on Mother’s Day in remembrance of my own Mother.


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