May? Already?

So, can you believe it is May already? Wow, how time flies. At the end of this month my daughter will be graduating from high school. How did that happen so fast?

Oh well. Enough of that, I’m sure we’ll review that many more times over the next few months. It has certainly been an interesting last few weeks. What with the selection of the CT for Jessica’s site, adding new designers and my hubby being out of town. Speaking of which, he comes home tomorrow. This is one of those double edged swords. I certainly miss him when he is gone and all the help he provides around the house; but, honestly, the house is so much quieter and easier to keep clean when he is away. I hope he is bringing me back some wonderful photos to scrap of his time in Colorado and building a nifty run for the kitties to go out and play in.

So, did you get much scrapping done over this past {i}NSD weekend celebration? Did you purchase a lot of goodies? Did you remember to post your awesomeness to share with us over on the Spraground? Well, I sure hope you did. Lot’s of you wanted a repeat of the week in May challenges, so guess what? You got it. So be sure to stop over on and check out the week’s worth of challenges.

Here are a couple of layouts I got done over the weekend. First up, is this layout using LivE’s new Quickeroos3 debuting today in the store.

So, how did I do this, you ask? I used the yellow paper from the I Sing for Spring kit as the bottom layer. On top of that I added the grungy stamp from the Kamari Beach elements collection. I set the blend mode of that layer to multiply. I added my photo and moved it around until I was happy with the way it showed through the torn hole. I also used a blend mode of multiply; on this photo. Then I moved to the layer on top of the quick page. Here I added the frame cluster from Linda new Mandarin Breeze element pack. Added in my photos, captured a date on the frame, and added my title with Kari’s cool stamp letters. (Yes, I used yet another blending mode on those, overlay this time). I like to see the texture from the underneath layers show through.

So, where did I learn all this awesomeness, you ask? Well, at of course. Jess touches on blending in NWR, DID and the photo editing and frame-ups class.

Here is the second layout for this last week, hope you like it. It’s using Crystal’s Phoebe Room Collection and the Room Collection Element Pack. Yeah, can you believe all those great elements are together in one pack, staples, stitching, scallop borders, journaling blocks, hearts and flowers.

So, I didn’t just do these two layouts, I also started on the This Old Photo class. Are you taking that too? Had some good results on the photos I started with. My biggest issue is getting the photos organized. I have a couple of boxes from my mom which are not organized. They contain pictures from her family and my dad’s family. I have pictures from my hubby’s family. So, how do you get your arms around the sorting process? I get how to do it digitally. I guess I just have to bite the bullet, grab some cool photo boxes and just start sorting into decades, huh? Just like I would do them on my computer’s hard drive. (I think I’m gonna need a bigger hard drive too.) I did find some fun photos though, and quite a few that had handwritten notes from my Grandma. Unfortunately, most of them don’t include dates. Here are a couple of my “global” edits, just fixing color and exposure for now. Haven’t gotten to the cleaning and tweaking just yet.
I”ll post some before and afters a little later this week. The bonus lession on editing in Adobe Camera RAW is up, so I’ll take a look and see if that makes much difference.

Covered a good bit today. I guess I shouldn’t have waited so long to update; gave you lots to read and look at today. Hopefully, spare time will increase a bit with hubby back home. So, have a fun week and show off your work over in the gallery, check out the challenges and if nothing else, just be sure to stop by and say hi.


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