Awesome Photos

A friend of mine offered (okay, she said yes when I asked) to take some photos of my darling daughter to mark her graduation. The sun was a bit bright and is a little problem for some of the shots, but nothing I can’t manage to take care of in photoshop. I gotta tell you, though, I had not used the collage feature of Picasa before, and it is so cool. I simply selected some of my favorite shots, clicked the collage button and within 30 seconds had an arrangement that I think is pretty awesome. So, here are some of my favorites, SOOC for now. Now it is going to be hard to decide which ones to scrap. (I guess that is a good problem to have LOL.)

Thanks bunches to my friend for lending her time and her camera for this. We’ve sure got some winners in this batch.

Something new to look at for now. I need to come back later and do some tweaking to my blog here. Also, look out for lots of new layouts and new designs to hit tomorrow for More in Store Monday.


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