A Little Look to the Past

I picked up this awesome template over at Jessica Sprague for just a buck, yeah, just $1. I was just dying to use it. I also had a couple of old photos scanned (old, like 1966). Somehow this template just begged for me to use it for this. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, once I started on it, I had to go and do my journaling. Once my journaling was written, I knew there was another photo that I was missing. I had to go find it. I hit the jackpot, but it took a while to get there. Turns out, I have no idea where the print is, but I got very lucky and just happened to open the right envelope in this tattered box of photos that my mom left behind. This box has some stuff that goes back to the 1940’s and all the way up into the 1980’s. So, you can see how lucky I really was. Of course, my scanner software wanted to break the negatives up weird and it took a while for me to uncheck the “thumbnail” box, duh. Finally success.

So, anyway here is the finished product using this awesome template by the Queen of Quirk.

Kinglsey Lake - 1966

Supplies: Jessica Sprague.com TheQueenofQuirk ontheEdgetemplate; CreativitybyCrystal: Happy Spring Paper Pack (recolored polka dots and happy spots), October Solid Polkas Paper Pack; Live.Edesigns SpragroundSunFunPaperPack;
Designer Digitals: Lynn Grieveson Walk This Way Kit; Anna Aspnes Loaded Layered Element Templates No.1 (circle stitching, recolored); Songbird Avenue Port Au Prince; 2Peas Rhonna FarrerRoughedUpTool Kit (distressing brush);
Fonts: Fertigo Pro, Impact

Tomorrow is supposed to be the big announcement for the new Creative Team over at Jessica Sprague.com. I hope I make it, but in any case it’s been fun trying out and getting this blog created. One more skill in my arsenal.


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