Deadline Approaching

Well, being that it is April 15th your tax return it due. But, that isn’t the deadline I’m referring to. There are still a few minutes left to enter the Creative Team Search for My entries were post a couple of days ago. The decision was incredibly difficult getting it narrowed down to my “best” three layouts. What really constitutes best. I went with layouts that show a variety of style and technique. Now, just keep fingers crossed and hope for the best. Good Luck to all and I think choosing even 20 “winners” of the over 150 applications is daunting. So, good luck to all of the “judges” as well; you’ve got quite a job ahead of you and we are all anxiously awaiting the announcement.

My three entries are here. Images are linked back to the gallery if you’d like to check out the full credits. While you’re over there check out all the awesome inspiration in the gallery. It sure is a hoppin. I hope I’ve demonstrated what the team is looking for, but in any case, I love them and the moments that they capture. Afterall, that’s really what this is about.

So, it is done. Also registration is still on for This Old Photo: Restoring Vintage Snapshots. Dig out those old photos and join us at the Spraground for some fun. Class starts on April 26.


One thought on “Deadline Approaching”

  1. I hope you get picked too sweetie. Love your choices and we will all have to wait a painful 3 days.
    Fortunately for me I have robotics to take my mind off for another two days. Sunday will be a killer.

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