I think exciting things are coming to the Spraground

Well, I really have no idea what is up but I noticed the Queen of Quirk in the designer listing at Jessica Sprague yesterday. Also, she’s got new classes coming soon that I’m really excited about:  Photo Editing – Restoration and a Designer Digital Workshop with an option to receive designer certification from Jessica! How awesome is that. I’m still planning to get to the Illustrator class too, but funds are a bit limited for extras right now. But definitely stay tuned for what is up.

I’m still working on capturing some other links in my blog. Before getting too far down the path, I’m actually still trying to figure out what it is I’m liking about the WordPress interface over the Blogger interface. You get more control over your blog’s layout with Blogger, but at this point that seems a bit overwhelming while I’m still trying to figure out what half of this stuff mean.

Actually, I’m liking how this one looks and works except for one small thing; I can’t figure out if there is any way to move the comment field below the post instead of above. I may have to go with a new theme to make that happen, or that might just be what pushes me over to Blogger.


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