A fairy tale

I wouldn’t normally post twice in one day, but inspiration hit and I was so excited to get this done.

Well, now I am missing only one layout for the Type+Writer class over at Jessica Sprague’s and I think I have the proper quote for that one now. I didn’t get the chance to complete the TW1 class last fall and since things were so crazy for so many of us with DSE and the instructors too, Jessica generously offered to let us “do-over” this time around. For those of you that haven’t taken either one of these Type+Writer classes, I strongly encourage you to do so. It has given me a new perspective on my journaling.

Here is the backstory for how I came to be inspried to document this story. First of all, I have to credit the class prompts, but there’s more. So, my mom (the fairy grandmother) passed away a little over two years ago. She actually moved across country to be with us and help take care of her precious granddaughter while us parents worked. Anyway, my daughter just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago and I was sitting at work this past week and looked up to see this photo framed at my desk. She looks so sweet and for some reason it made me recall this story about the hot-dog. After digging through my photos and negatives and taking care of the scanning, here it is finally documented properly as best I can recall from my Mom’s sharing.

I did have my daughter read it and she loved it. This layout is the last template of the TW1 class. I cherish this story. So, here it is.

Supplies used: Designer Digitals LGrieveson Million Miles Kit, OScraps Taylor Made Mere Modesty (striped paper used as overlay) Fonts: MAsexy, Arial, CharmsBV, DesignerMixed (tag)

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