So, I’ve started a blog. This is a totally new thing for me. For now this will convey my scrapbooking journey and during that process, you’ll get a glimpse into my life.

I have become totally addicted to digi scrappin over the last year. I was a paper scrapper for about 14 years. I work at a computer most of my day and thought I don’t want to spend even more time at the computer. Well, turns out that isn’t such a big deal after all. Instead, I discovered that there was so much to learn and my love of learning took over. I had actually been using Photoshop Elements to edit and crop my photos for my paper pages. I had even started sketching my layouts in PSE to help with planning. So, it really was a natural next step.

Well, I guess this is enough for a start. And here is a scrapbook page that captures my digi journey of 2009.

Elseepe's Digi Journey


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